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Launched in June 2020, and based in Cleveland, Ohio, Lux Lab Online Boutique made its debut just in time for the summer season. Lux Lab, short for Luxurious Laboratory, was created with the idea of 'reinventing your closet'.

In short, our customers aka the 'LLOB(Lux Lab Online Boutique) Squad, are welcome to come take a look in our closet, piece together clothing and bomb pieces and outfits to theirs! Lux Lab provides comfortable, and feminine clothing for the every day, with versatile clothing to wear to brunch during the day, or changing accessories to wear the same outfit at night!

We currently are operating as an online boutique, to be able to reach more of our LLOB Squad, 24/7. We highly value quality and comfort first. It is important to us that all of our photos of our models are taken by us, using no filters to show the true authenticity and fitting of our clothing. 

We look forward to growing as a company with you, and our LLOB Squad, and we appreciate all of the love and support as we continue to bring you the best quality product. Peace, love, and blessings!

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